The Newest Trends In Organic Farming

Back in the day, people used to believe that an apple a day would keep the doctor away. However, since many pesticides are used in agriculture, people now prefer to purchase foods that are produced by means of organic farming. Even in organic farming, there are some news trends that have come up and are making waves around the world. Here is a rundown of the same.

Budgeting during penny-pinching times

The economy is recovering even today from the effects of the recession of 2008 and the farmers are still going for organic farming during penny-pinching times as these. This is because of the rise of GMO foods in the market that has triggered the need for foods that are safer to consume. Moreover, parents are buying organically produced foods more than ever. Moreover, buying these foods keeps the costs of food for consumers down all the time.

Seeking sustainable packaging

Packaging should be sustainable and farmers are struggling to find materials to package foods they produce that would neither harm the health of the consumers nor damage the foods. The need for sustainable packaging is ever growing and farmers are trying to use such materials to package the foods that they have produced to sell to the consumers. Also, farmers are trying to create such packaging themselves at home.

Concern over chemicals

If farmers do not use chemicals or pesticides, pests are likely to damage the produce. However, the latest trend in organic farming is the complete avoidance of the use of chemicals and pesticides, which would otherwise harm the health of the consumers. This is why farmers are only sowing seeds and watering the plants while using natural fertilisers and pesticides as compared to the use of artificial pesticides, fertilisers, etc. Moreover, since chemicals can cause cancer, farmers are even more careful.

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