How we work?

Kisanhelp works with the sole objective of making agricultural knowledge available to the farmers as and when desired. The firm works as per an in-built system of monitoring and continuous evaluation for modifications and improvements in the agricultural system. Kisanhelp Call Centre has become an excellent experience for all the farmers who have gathered assistance from its professionals. The call centre service is available at a common toll free telephone number which can be dialed from anywhere in the world. Our customer care executives are always ready to listen to all your queries regarding the agriculture and farming domain.

With local language speaking representatives, Kisanhelp makes it quite convenient for the farmers to convey their message and seek an appropriate response for their query. All our customer care executives are extremely friendly and ever prepared to resolve every kind of query which comes their way. These executives are there to offer support on every aspect of agriculture. Kisanhelp has become one of the leading telecom networks for both; private as well as government connecting farmers residing the different countries of the world. Any farmer can call Kisanhelp at any time of clock and find excellent solutions for different problems related to agriculture and farming.

Kisanhelp works towards achieving the mission of resolving every type of query raised by the farmers and agriculturists across the world. With our toll-free numbers, farmers find it absolutely convenient to get suitable solutions for all their queries related to the farming techniques. Farmers simply need to call our toll-free numbers and they can get the finest assistance on the ways using which they can combat all the hassles which tend to arise while undertaking the agricultural practices.

Kisanhelp offers professional telephonic assistance irrespective of the following:

  • Country, the farmer belongs to
  • Issue the farming is facing
  • The farming standard followed by the agriculturist

We, at Kisanhelp believe in excellence and the same is reflected through our cutting-edge customer support service. We ensure that all the farmers get the best assistance at the right time. With a remarkable turn-around time, we ensure that the agriculturists get the best support which would allow them to hone their career as an agriculturist. Our customer support representatives keep themselves abreast with all the latest technologies which are being used for improving the quality of farming in different countries of the world.

We hope through the innovative use of this technology that we are able to help people who could do with a little bit of assistance, especially when they come from strata of society that is not really well to do. We are also constantly looking to improve the services that we offer others.

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