Organic Farming- a Boon over Conservative Farming

With the speedy changes in the agricultural techniques and rapidly growing demands of better produce, farming has entered into a new era of revolution. Although much divergence is there to be noticed in the production ranging from food quality to the soil protective measures, its derivations lie in the distinctive methods and techniques of agriculture. This consecutively grade up organic farming over conservative farming.

A conservative or conventional method of farming suggests by its name itself that direct methods of farming and fertilizers have been used in this for getting better yields. Being an older method of farming, conventional farming uses pesticides, insecticides, artificial chemicals and fertilizers to promote production and avoid weeds and bugs. These aberrant farming practices not only grounds soil pollution, but also causes health issues in human beings and animals due to toxic chemicals used in it. Conventional food also lacks in nutritive values and can cause many deadly diseases after consumption.

Alternatively, organic farming uses creative means of farming like crop rotation, the use of dead and decayed materials of plants and animals in the form of manure in place of fertilizers and evades the use of chemicals. Soil fertility is enhanced by the implementation of such natural practices of farming. Organic Farming is considered ecologically beneficial and do not cause any harm to the soil, human beings and animals. Organic foods are measured as rich in nutrition, as it does not contain any toxic chemical content in it. These are known to be a good source of digestive acids and anti-oxidants, which are highly valuable for human digestive system and resistive immune system.

Thus, Organic farming is considered as a boon over Conservative farming and practice is still going on to popularize the advantages of organic food and keep people aware of the same.

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