The Newest Trends In Organic Farming

Back in the day, people used to believe that an apple a day would keep the doctor away. However, since many pesticides are used in agriculture, people now prefer to purchase foods that are produced by means of organic farming. Even in organic farming, there are some news trends that have come up and are making waves around the world. Here is a rundown of the same. Budgeting during penny-pinching times The economy is recovering even today from the effects of the recession of 2008 and the farmers are still going for organic farming during penny-pinching times as these. This is because of the rise of GMO foods in the market that has triggered the need for foods that are safer to consume. Moreover, parents are buying organically produced foods more than ever. Moreover, buying these foods keeps the costs of food for consumers down all the time. Seeking sustainable packaging Packaging should be sustainable and farmers are struggling to find materials to package foods they produce that would neither harm the health of the consumers nor damage the foods. The need for sustainable packaging is ever growing and farmers are trying to use such materials to package the foods that they have produced to sell to the consumers. Also, farmers are trying to create such packaging themselves at home. Concern over chemicals If farmers do not use chemicals or pesticides, pests are likely to damage the produce. However, the latest trend in organic farming is the complete avoidance of the use of chemicals and pesticides, which would otherwise harm the health of the consumers. This is why farmers are only sowing seeds and watering the plants while using natural fertilisers and pesticides as compared to the use of artificial pesticides, fertilisers, etc. Moreover, since chemicals can cause cancer, farmers are even more... read more

Agriculture – all around the year, all around the country

There are many different types of farming. Every farmer has to decide for himself which method is most sustainable, most economical and gets him the best returns. In India, the method of agriculture is mostly decided by the season. In the local parlance, the summer season is known as the Kharif season while the winter season is known as the Rabi season. During the summer time, the crops which are planted require a lot of water. Thus, the farmers plant rice, sugarcane, jute, cotton and maize. The crops that are sown in the winter time are those that do not need much water. So the farmers plant wheat, barley, gram and mustard. Just like the researcher is required to do data interpretation for initiating their research work, the farmer is also required to first analyse the available resources for farming. However, thanks to the wonders of artificial irrigation it is now possible to plant some crops throughout the year. Thus, we find that rice; maize and some leafy vegetables are grown all year round. But water is a luxury that some parts of the country do not have. However, the nation’s large population ensures that there are people who survive in these parts of the country as well. These dry conditions can normally be found in the North-West areas of the country. In these parts they follow a system known as dry farming. In the absence of rain for any considerable period of time, it is essential that the farmers sow crops that can withstand the arid conditions of these areas. Sorghum and millet are grown in these parts in accordance with the surrounding geography. In fact, cuisine from these areas often contains dishes that have a high percentage of these pulses. The diverse geography of India has ensured that agriculture is practised all year round in some part of the country or the other. It has also ensured a rich variety of crops that add colour to the life of the... read more

Are Organic Foods Good For Health? Know The Fact!

Today, organic foods have become very popular owing to many reasons. However, it can become a tedious task as to arrive at a conclusion as to which is organic food, browsing through the labels, benefits, etc. Most people seem to have this question in their mind as to whether organic food is healthy or not. They wonder if it nutritious too. Understanding the labels can be quite confusing. And they are priced heavily too. Organic foods are grown naturally. They are devoid of pesticides. They are grown naturally. There are many benefits of organic foods. These types of foods provide a variety of benefits. According to some studies, it has been shown that organic foods have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than the conventionally grown food products. Some companies extract the goodness of organic grains and fruits and transform them in the form of medicines that can help people stay healthy over longer periods of time. Apart from these wonderful facts, organic produce contains fewer pesticides too. Pesticides are basically chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. They are used widely in conventional agricultural farming. They leave their residues on the foods we eat. However, this is not the case with organic foods. Thus, organically grown foods are much safer to... read more

Best farming equipments with some added features

Farming tools are used for different purposes. One can find a great range of farming tools that includes power tillers, tractors, hay balers, harvesting equipments, etc. Thus, there is a broad range of farming equipments, from which a farmer can choose the one that meet his requirements. But, one should remember the fact that tools used in one kind of farming cannot be used in other farming. For example, equipments used in grain farming cannot be used in dairy farming. Whatever is the type of farm tool, one should invest a little to get better results. Combining different equipments is a practice that is used in the field of agriculture; especially for threshing, harvesting and cleaning of grains. These tools are time saving and can be used for several sorts of crops that include rice, corn, wheat, soy and so on. A little investment on these farming tools can help you in cutting down your farming cost. Proper maintenance of the parts and baler belts of the equipment must not be overlooked. There is a great importance of knowledge on repairing the farm equipments, as it will be very beneficial for the farmers in case of any breakdown. They need not have to wait for the mechanic to come and get it repaired. To know more about farming equipments, one can visit, which is a leading website in providing agricultural solutions to the... read more

Why should we buy organic food?

Organic farming is one of the oldest forms of farming and is promoted highly these days. The increasing population and need of food products gave rise to inorganic farming. To meet the needs of today’s people, farmers started doing inorganic farming to yield huge returns. Does anybody know the drawbacks and side effects of inorganic farming? Organic farming is involved with using heavy dose of pesticides and fertilizers to protect the plants from worms and insects. The pests and insects reduce the life of the plant which results in low production and yield. Hence, to meet the needs of today’s population, the agriculture industry is taking help of a variety of tools, sprays, pesticides and other things. But, one should not forget that the food produced by inorganic farming is not good for health and may be sometimes life threatening. The people may get sufficient food, but there is no guarantee that the inorganic food is good for health. To increase the production of the crop, farmers can use a variety of organic methods. The farmers should be made aware of all the organic farming techniques that help them in producing healthy and tasty food. There are plenty of organizations and firms that help the farmers in knowing about different techniques of agriculture. One such platform is that makes the agricultural knowledge available to the farmers whenever required. These firms monitor the latest advances and developments in the agricultural industry and provide them to the farmers who are I need. Most of the times it happens that the farmers are not aware of the updates and latest farming methods due to lack of proper medium. is that medium that provides the farmers with all the updated information in the field of farming and agriculture. By considering the importance of organic firm, a number of government agencies and organizations are coming ahead to promote organic farming. One of the best ways to promote organic farming is by buying only organic food. The organic products are grown in an eco-friendly environment and support the local farmers; one should always try to buy organic food products. By buying organic food products you will be playing a major role in making your environment safe and makes our planet free from different kinds of toxins. Also, by buying organic products the farmers are less exposed to the toxins and poisonous chemicals, which reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders in people... read more

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