Easy Techniques of Increasing Soil Fertility

Crops require soil, water, sun and air to flourish. When we talk about soil, quality trumps quantity. Fertile land includes a healthy mix of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, along with air, water and soil micro-organisms that are responsible for breaking down organic matter. Today, due to destructive land use practices like deforestation and over-fertilization, soil is losing vital nutrients. Additionally, remember the fact that inorganic fertilizer can never replace original topsoil. So, if you want to know the effective farming tips that can increase soil fertility, read on. Cover Cropping Cover crops include perennial, biennial, or annual herbaceous plants that are grown in mixed or pure stands. In this method, the farmers plant a tree, vine or bush alongside other crops which help in stimulating a healthy soil system, preventing overexposure to the sun and cutting soil-eroding wind. Adding Organic Matters Organic matters contribute by improving soil structure, increasing infiltration and water holding capacity and efficient long-term storage of nutrients. Farmers can add organic substances which include thousands of different elements derived from groundhogs that died in their burrows, manure, microorganisms, roots, decayed leaves and more. These materials help in building healthy soil. Careful Use of Tillage Tillage is a crucial part of various organic systems. Efficient management of organic matter, tilth, soil, and fertility are a critical aspect of ensuring successful farming system. With careful tillage before planting and cultivation can help in controlling weeds and reducing the incidences of insect pests and seedling... read more

Why Organic Farming Is the Future of Farming

Organic farming has very humble beginnings in the 1940s in Great Britain. The persons, who were responsible for introducing organic farming, were purely concerned about the quality of the soil beneath their feet. Today, things are more favourable for organic farming. Soon, people were able to improve the fertility of the soil and carry out organic farming. Go Green Once Again When organic farming is carried out, people make use of low tillage methods that would ensure that the quality of the soil is high. This kind of farming is known as the “second green revolution.” Many of the mainstream agriculturists now agree that farming that is intensive not only reduces the quality of the farming soil, but it also encourages irreversible soil erosion, and also generates harmful chemicals that destroy the quality of the soil and also destroy aquatic or marine life. However, in case of organic farming, caring for the soil involves a process of fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere by interspersing each crop with a cover crop. The quality of the soil is restored when you plough the soil and insert the seeds of these crops at the end of the season. Till Life Both in rich as well as in poor countries, low till agriculture is taking root. Low tillage not only reduces energy inputs, but it also helps conserve the soil structure. Low till farming also reduces the use of fertilizers made of chemicals and the like. Some nitrogen is provided initially by the cover crops. Chemical Cuts A reduction in the number of pesticides while farming has been borrowed from organic farming. Now, it is high time to stop using chemicals and to cultivate crops using only organic farming. It is definitely the future of farming since it would give those who are consuming the final products of the farm healthy crops to sustain... read more

The farming equipments used in India and their purpose

Our country India is an agricultural nation, here farming is carried out majorly; and there are a variety of farming equipments used which could be categorized further into manual drawn equipments, and tractor drawn equipments. Also, every year; there are many reports published by highly qualified researchers that tell about the changing trends for agricultural machinery in India.  Below is the list of some manual drawn equipments: 1. Sickle          The sickle is all-purpose harvesting hand tool. It is used for the harvesting of cereal crops, vegetables, and cutting of grass, and other vegetative matters. 2. Brush Cutter This equipment is appropriate for cutting fresh, or dry grass on lawn, fields, ground, and likewise suitable for cutting bamboos, sugarcane, small bushes, etc. 3. Winnowing fan      It is used for the purpose of cleaning the grains by the winnowing action. Some Tractor Drawn Equipments used for farming 1. Combine Harvester Combine harvester is used for cutting, threshing, cleaning, and loading in. It saves about 80-90% labour requirement and 33% cost of operations compared to traditional method.  2. Maize Harvester    This device is helpful for systematic harvesting primarily for Fodder Crops including Maize, Sorghum, Millet, SugarCane, Sunflower, Maize, and Thresher. 3. Wheat Harvester   The machine is used for harvesting wheat crop. 4. Sugar Cane Harvester      The machine is used to yield sugarcane crop. 5. Paddy Harvester The instrument is used for harvesting and windrowing of non-lodging paddy varieties and other similar cereal crops. 6. Thresher The machine is used to thresh the seeds from the harvested crop. When harvested crop is fed in to machine it gives seed and straw separately. 7. Maize Thresher Without peeling the outer layer, the machine is used for threshing the maize. 8. Groundnut Thresher                                                             The equipment is used for separation of groundnut pods from harvested plants 9. Wheat Thresher Wheat thresher is used for threshing wheat grain. 10. Paddy Thresher The machine is used for threshing seeds from harvested... read more and Its Services is a call centre cum online portal that provides assistance and advice regarding various agricultural issues to the farmers across the world. It helps them in the efficient execution of agricultural operations and serves as their mentor. It guides them towards success and helps them deal with different farming problems. This website cum call centre provides consulting services to farmers or clients. It has a team of well qualified and trained agricultural specialists to guide them. It offers quality solutions along with reliable and 24*7 client services. The portal also recommends time to time enhancements in the various agricultural methods implemented by the farmers and aims to meet all their... read more

Booming the Farming Technology

Many entrepreneurs are coming up with new ideas to promote the agriculture and farming skills in every part of the world. They mainly focus is to provide their expert assistance to farmers and agriculturalist so that the agricultural techniques could be enhanced and rate of productivity can be increased. Such firms that are providing valuable services to the farmers and agriculturalist play a very crucial role in enhancing the agricultural techniques, along with redressing their queries in a very short span of time. Call centres of such firms are available 24*7 to help the framers in every way they can. The experienced customer care executives are always available to solve the queries related to agriculture and farming. Speedy redressal of problems The farmers from any part of the world can call for help in such call centres and can avail their expert guidance in relation to the agricultural techniques. If any agriculturist or farmer is facing any problem in relation to the productivity can make their queries clear through representatives of such call centres. Local Language Representative Such firms hire representatives who have expertise in the local language. Through such facility, farmers feel confident in conveying their queries to such representatives and seeking the appropriate response in relation to their queries. The friendly behaviour of such representatives in such firms attracts farmers to resolve their problems through them. Thus, the entrepreneurs try to solve every type of query coming in the way of farmers from different countries of the... read more

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