The farming equipments used in India and their purpose

Our country India is an agricultural nation, here farming is carried out majorly; and there are a variety of farming equipments used which could be categorized further into manual drawn equipments, and tractor drawn equipments. Also, every year; there are many reports published by highly qualified researchers that tell about the changing trends for agricultural machinery in India. 

The farming equipments used in India and their purpose

Below is the list of some manual drawn equipments:

1. Sickle         

The sickle is all-purpose harvesting hand tool. It is used for the harvesting of cereal crops, vegetables, and cutting of grass, and other vegetative matters.

2. Brush Cutter

This equipment is appropriate for cutting fresh, or dry grass on lawn, fields, ground, and likewise suitable for cutting bamboos, sugarcane, small bushes, etc.

3. Winnowing fan     

It is used for the purpose of cleaning the grains by the winnowing action.

Some Tractor Drawn Equipments used for farming

1. Combine Harvester

Combine harvester is used for cutting, threshing, cleaning, and loading in. It saves about 80-90% labour requirement and 33% cost of operations compared to traditional method. 

2. Maize Harvester   

This device is helpful for systematic harvesting primarily for Fodder Crops including Maize, Sorghum, Millet, SugarCane, Sunflower, Maize, and Thresher.

3. Wheat Harvester  

The machine is used for harvesting wheat crop.

4. Sugar Cane Harvester     

The machine is used to yield sugarcane crop.

5. Paddy Harvester

The instrument is used for harvesting and windrowing of non-lodging paddy varieties and other similar cereal crops.

6. Thresher

The machine is used to thresh the seeds from the harvested crop. When harvested crop is fed in to machine it gives seed and straw separately.

7. Maize Thresher

Without peeling the outer layer, the machine is used for threshing the maize.

8. Groundnut Thresher                                                            

The equipment is used for separation of groundnut pods from harvested plants

9. Wheat Thresher

Wheat thresher is used for threshing wheat grain.

10. Paddy Thresher

The machine is used for threshing seeds from harvested crop.

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