With Organic farming becoming the need of the hour, there is still much speculation about how an organic farming practice will benefit the soil and nature, when compared to the conventional farming procedure. The difference between a modern farming method and the traditional farming method and the relation between organic farming and the old age farming is completely misinterpreted. Though the farming techniques practiced in India centuries ago are in close resemblance to organic farming, the intermittent invasions by foreigners led to revolutions in various fields including farming. They advent of newer methods, demand for fewer crops and arrival of farming tools and material from abroad, led to a drastic change in farming method which came to be known as the better farming approach and followed for the rest of the years as the conventional farming procedure.

Primarily, conventional farming is carried out in large areas of land comprising many hectares together. This makes seeding, ploughing and other aspects easier as all operations are carried out on a large scale replacing manpower by machines. But since organic farming is slowly gaining importance, much smaller pieces of land are chosen for practice. Also, organic farming relies highly on the texture of the soil. The methodology adopted in organic farming, depends on the nature of the soil selected-its potential, deficiency and fertility. For this, larger area of land is not ideal as nature of soil might vary from one place to another.

The next noteworthy factor in conventional farming is its dependency. All phases of crop cultivation are dependent on modern machinery and equipments. As this method does not prefer man power, employment opportunities are comparatively much lesser. With the advancement in technology and advent of artificial fertilizers, the land is entirely dependent on these chemicals for crop cultivation whose prices keep rocketing. But organic farming employs very limited machinery that does not harm the soil. Natural manure is used and skilled laborers are encouraged.

Over usage of such methods and equipments creates a scenario of man-nature conflict in the long run. These practices try to dominate nature ending in exploitation of natural resources. Whereas, organic farming establishes harmony with the environment, trying to sustain the ecological balance.

To encourage a resourceful exchange of views between farmers and environmentalists, websites like have taken the first step forward. This site enables farmers to get their views and questions answered by experts. Such initiatives, help greatly in supporting best farming practices.

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